about GB Group

About GB Group


GB Group of Companies is a leading manufacturer and marketer of (IVD) Invitro Diagnostic reagents, kits, Laboratory Medical Equipments GB Group has got the following Individual companies.


Genuine Biosystem (GB), founded on June 2008 engaged in Manufacturing of Clinical chemistry kits, serology kits, analytical stains, Indicators and Acrylic Museum Specimen Jars.


Genuine Biosystem Private Limited (GBPL), upgraded on April 2014 , focussing on Instrumentation and servicing.



Dazzle Biosystems Private Limited (DBPL), founded on April 2014, focussing Labwares, specialized Rapid cards and Blood Culture systems.


Our Management team has over a decade of Industry experience, to provide the customer’s service in time.

We GB Group understand that every customer requirement is unique and we adopt flexible solutions that are tailored to meet the varying customer needs. We always maintain excellent rapport with customers and distributors.

We are well known for its innovative approach, the companies are owned, managed and run by highly involved professionals and has continuously set new trends through product development and customer service.

GB’s Logo represents Efficient, Confidence, Genuinity, Dedicate, Hardwork and Punctuality which predominantly expects by all Genuine Customer. Genuine Biosystem will match the same with our well trained professionals.


GB Group always believes Genuine Service for Better Tomorrow