Anti Blood Grouping Sera

Blood Grouping reagents are used for the identification of blood types. The test procedure is based on the agglutination principle, where red cells possessing the typing antigen agglutinate in the presence of the corresponding antibody in the testing reagent indicating the presence of the tested antigen

Genuine Biosystem provides high quality blood grouping reagents that are accurate, easy to use, competitively priced, and conveniently packed in different sizes and options.

Product Description

Product CodeNamePack SizeMethodologyPDF
GB07SERGBCLONE ANTI- A10 mlMonoclonal Anti A Antibodies for slide and tube tests
GB08SERGBCLONE ANTI- B10 mlMonoclonal Anti B Antibodies for slide and tube tests
GB09SERGBCLONE ANTI-D(IgG+IgM)10 mlBlend of Monoclonal IgM + IgG for Rho (D) typing
GB10SERGBCLONE ABD3 x 10 mlABO / Rho (D) IgG + IgM Reagent combipack
GB11SERBovine Albumin 22%10 ml22% Purified Bovine serum albumin for serological
GB12SERCoomb's Serum (Anti Human Globulin)10 mlMonospecific Coomb's Sera